REAL Karate,MMA,BJJ, Self-defense, Jiu-Jitsu in Atlanta

But what exactly is Grappling and what can I expect? Watch this TV Show Segment I did!

MMA & Coach Dan's Background!

But what exactly is MMA and can a normal person learn it? Watch this TV Show Segment I filmed! jiu-jitsu in Atlanta, GA in ATL, Georgia mma in 

Used in UFC! My Amazing Anti-Cage Tactics & Bio-mechanics!

Examples of the easiest ones, Head Twist & Throat Shove used in the UFC vs Best Wrestlers!

Distracting Hands & Hands 1st Bio-mechanics Takedown Defense

Higher Level Concepts that can be applied to both MMA & Combatives Self-Defense!

Karate Go Jiu-jitsu Sparring Example

This hard contact is usually only Blue Belt & Up once ready, don't worry this was with a local Amatuer MMA Fighter.  However, a style that goes LIVE through all ranges of combat in what I call the S.T.G. Striking, Throwing, Grappling Method is of utmost importance.  

Street Jiu-jitsu/Combatives

Watch this to see fun dynamic applications & rare submissions most black belts don't know!


How many instructors can show themselves doing well vs top fighters (esp. at 40 the KTT & Kodokan Footage)?  11 plus UFC Vets, Rest Pancrase or Deep Champions!  Most Judo BB & 4 BJJ BB!  Fighting Jeremy Horn & Yuki Kondo both fought for UFC LHW Title! Sparring Akiyama, Korean Zombie, Gi vs Chael Sonnen, Yushin Okami, JMMA Champions, 2 Kudo World Championships fights, vs Mayhem Miller, armbarring 310 lb. Scary Jerry, Guillotine vs 2-time NCAA Champ Wrestler,Kung Fu w/ Big Country/Anderson Silva! 

Narrated Rare Submissions Grappling Highlight

1st of many of my Submission highlights showcasing Rare Subs & Rolling with Pro Fighters often

Training Stories w/ Fighters!

Excerpts from some of my many Fighter Interviews I have conducted talking about training w them

UFC Tonight!

Role Reversal Interviewing Kenny Florian and sports commentator Todd Harris!

UFC Ultimate Insider!

Combatives: Random Attacks, Instinctive Responses

While one should be mindful of any instructors that have never done full on live sparring & grappling vs top fighters, this type of flow training to random attacks can help people prepare for Street Attacks!

Be4Starting Grappling,Watch1Hr

While not necessary, if you have any apprehensions about starting grappling or want to learn some of the lingo and techniques, here is a vid explaining many of the basics.  This is the 1st of 45 Long Compilation, Seminar, & DVD vids that you can watch for free on my youtube channel to help you progress while learning my Catch-Jitsu Grappling System mixing Catch Wrestling & Jiu-jitsu!

Example of Thai Pads Class!

Here at Kings MMA hitting Thai Pads with UFC's Beneil Dariush for 1st time-some strange combos

Kid's Class Example; GI's REQ!

Example of what kid's are capable of!  Gi's now required Ages 7-12.  

2nd Shoot Style Pro-wrestling

vs UFC/Pancrase Vet Kei Yamamiya, I choreographed the match! Hopefully you will like the action!

Stunt Reel-Sons of Anarchy

 Misc. TV shows, some Real Steel prep, plus 3 other film/tv fights I have choreographed!

CSI: NY Opener Fight Plus Line

Early Acting,Tough Enough,Tank

Little TV featured spots, 2 small movie fight scenes, plus WWE Tough Enough & UFC Ultimate Tank Abbott Footage I am in since I was his Sparring Partner for his comeback fight at UFC 41!

Real Steel Last Run Through!

I was the Red/Blue Robot Metro w Hammer in the Hugh Jackman family friendly film "Real Steel"!