But what exactly is Grappling and what can I expect? Watch this TV Show Segment I did!

MMA & Coach Dan's Background!

But what exactly is MMA and can a normal person learn it? Watch this TV Show Segment I filmed! Best in Charleston South Carolina!

Street Jiu-jitsu/Combatives

Watch this to see fun dynamic applications & rare submissions most black belts don't know!


How many instructors can show themselves doing well vs top fighters (esp. at 40 the KTT & Kodokan Footage)?  11 plus UFC Vets, Rest Pancrase or Deep Champions!  Most Judo BB & 4 BJJ BB!  Fighting Jeremy Horn & Yuki Kondo both fought for UFC LHW Title! Sparring Akiyama, Korean Zombie, Gi vs Chael Sonnen, Yushin Okami, JMMA Champions, 2 Kudo World Championships fights, vs Mayhem Miller, armbarring 310 lb. Scary Jerry, Guillotine vs 2-time NCAA Champ Wrestler,Kung Fu w/ Big Country/Anderson Silva! 

Submission Grappling Highlight

1st of many of my Submission highlights showcasing Rare Subs & Rolling with Pro Fighters often

Training Stories w/ Fighters!

Excerpts from some of my many Fighter Interviews I have conducted talking about training w them

Be4Starting Grappling,Watch1Hr

 While not necessary, If you are apprehensive about starting grappling, here is 1 Hr. on all the basics you may need!  I teach a complete system from each position with all available submissions.  This is 1 of over TWENTY 1 hour compilation vids in a Playlist on Youtube to help your Progression through the ranks in my Catch-Jitsu System, so you will know the best from both Catch Wrestling & Jiu-jitsu.  How many instructors offer that for free? 

Example of Thai Pads Class!

Here at Kings MMA hitting Thai Pads with UFC's Beneil Dariush for 1st time-some strange combos

Kid's Class Example; GI's REQ!

This shows what kid's are capable of. Gi's are now required. Ages 7-12 for Karate Go Jiu-jitsu

2nd Shoot Style Pro-wrestling

vs UFC/Pancrase Vet Kei Yamamiya, I choreographed the match! Hopefully you will like the action!

Stunt Reel-Sons of Anarchy

 Misc. TV shows, some Real Steel prep, plus 3 other film/tv fights I have choreographed!

CSI: NY Opener Fight Plus Line

Early Acting,Tough Enough,Tank

Little TV featured spots, 2 small movie fight scenes, plus WWE Tough Enough & UFC Ultimate Tank Abbott Footage I am in since I was his Sparring Partner for his comeback fight at UFC 41!

Real Steel Last Run Through!

I was the Red/Blue Robot Metro w Hammer in the Hugh Jackman family friendly film "Real Steel"!