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Hybrid of Karate, Judo, and Jiu-jitsu

Perfect Base to learn good techniques


Traditional Value Setting yet Practical "MMA Lite" Training with NO FACE PUNCHES in sparring until highly ranked so good for Businessmen, Wives, & Children to learn proper techniques.  Practice punches, kicks, knees, and elbows.  Learn throws and how to finish someone quickly on the ground as one might need in a real situation!  Practice the ESSENTIAL 15 Self-Defense Techniques against the most common attacks!  Sparring at the end of class flows through the ranges of combat from kicking low to high, body punches, to clinching, throwing, and ground grappling without not being able to go to work because of black eyes the next day!  Plain White or Blue Judo, Jiu-jitsu, or strong Karate Gi Req.  Also, grappling tight style Shin Guards, groin protector, mouthguard. Black is the 10th Rank & with regular training may take 5 years!  No McDojo buying Black Belts here.  Worth it when you will have real skills in all ranges!

CATCH-JITSU Hybrid Wrestling/Jiu-jitsu


Watch my What is Grappling TV Show Segment on the Videos page!  Grappling is amazing fun, as you forget all your worries!  Learn the most complete style of grappling with in-depth knowledge of each position & ALL Submissions mixing a TRUE knowledge and lineage of Catch-Wrestling with Jiu-jitsu from someone with real Black Belt knowledge in both (Gene LeBell/Carlson Gracie Lineage).  Takedowns, throws, leglocks, scrambling, reversals, and getups will not be neglected like at most schools.  Total Body Submissions from Any Position utilizing Heavy Riding & Proper Bio-mechanics is a staple of my system!  Having good advanced guards like leghook guard, lockdown system, & proper getups is not overlooked so you can fight well even from your back if necessary.  My style uses the same White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black system as in BJJ.  However, a purple from me may take 5 years & will always be well rounded able to handle themselves whether sport grappling, MMA, or Street Self-defense!  



Anyone can do this class which is a great workout, working with a partner doing tons of Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, and some Karate Combinations on each other mixing up punches, kicks, knees, and elbows!  After all, Muay Thai the national sport of Thailand, where I have gone to train and coach three times is known as the art of 8 limbs!  I've trained at PTT, AKA, Tiger Muay Thai, coached at SuperPro Samui, and trained with famous Lumpinee Stadium Champions Sangtiennoi and Matee Jedeepitak/Tongbua! Learning how to knee and elbow from the clinch is vitally important for Self-defense!  No Sparring required, but throwing combinations at each other back & forth getting used to seeing strikes coming & blocking properly is!  Very light Thai style clinch knee sparring may happen. Boxing gloves, wraps, shin guards Required.  Men may want cup for knee sparring.  Go to the VIDEOS page to watch an example of a Thai Pads type class when I hit pads with a UFC Fighter at Kings MMA!



Learn a blend of natural relaxed instinctive movements from Russian Martial Arts (Systema +)  focusing on breathing, breaking structure/spinal alignment takedowns, power, & bio-mechanics. This training is great for all ages & fantastic for getting rid of both psychological and physical stress and tension.  It makes all your martial arts and also life better because it gives you a deeper understanding of the body and angles. This is then mixed with the most effective hard Combatives Muscle Memory counter attacks!  This might allow for your instinctive reactions to save you if surprised or grabbed.  If confronted learn how to put up a "Fence" barrier keeping distance with hands up in a non-confrontational posture & react with muscle memory blasting an opponent cycling rapid fire strikes and escaping if necessary!  Go to the VIDEOS page and watch my 30 min. John Wick Style Street Jiu-jitsu & Combatives Highlight to see a lot of the self-defense examples from these classes!  This class is great for both men and women of all ages (Mature Teens & up).  Older, and those not physically able to do other classes will still find this class gets them moving and feeling better! 

MMA Advanced Techniques & Sparring


Best MMA in Charleston MMA in Ladson Pictured above training with former UFC LHW Champion Lyoto Machida for 3 months as a sparring partner.  Drill Advanced MMA Neo Striking Combinations using Shifting Stances & Off Rhythm Blitz Attacks, Takedown Entries, Clinch Striking, and Grappling w/ punches and then spar in the different ranges using shin guards & both Boxing & MMA Gloves. Experience & approval required!  Learn proper base techniques in other classes first.  Too many do MMA like sloppy amateurs w No grasp of proper technique because most coaches have bad technique & don't truly understand MMA when it is all done together (MT+BJJ does not equal MMA & is a fallacy).  Anyone serious about competing in MMA in modern times should really be a blue belt in Catch-Jitsu/BJJ for amateurs, or Purple Belt w/ good striking & wrestling to go Pro.  Black Belt Karate Go Jiu-jitsu/Purple Belt Catch-Jitsu 5 years w/ me would have you ready technically for a good Pro career (instead of tough athleticism getting one through regional circuits then getting crushed in UFC/Bellator). Best Most Advanced Techniques Mixed Martial Arts BJJ Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Catch Wrestling Coach Instructor in ATL Atlanta Georgia

Kid's Karate Go Jiu-jitsu & FAQs


  1. No, you don't have to be a super tough fighter to learn and have fun. Everyone is welcome!
  2. "But I need to get in shape first" is a common copout! Starting is how you Get in Shape! Come in, all sizes and ages welcome!
  3. Kid's Karate Go Jiu-jitsu class is ages 7-12 and I have a lot of experience teaching children. I have Security & Fire Fighting liscences/certificates so parents are sure that I have had thorough background checks.
  4. Kid's Karate Go Jiu-jitsu will teach kid's some discipline & order while still having fun doing useful games like "Sumo Game" and "King of the Mat".  Just like the adult's class, they will not only learn Karate, Judo, & Jiu-jitsu but how to blend them together!
  5. Try a Free Class!
  6. I offer you to learn multiple styles in a small dojo getting personalized attention from an expert for one LOW PRICE!
  7.  There are Family Discounts & 1st Responder/Military/Pro Fighter Discounts!

I am available for Private, Semi-Private, Seminars!

Private Lessons Available!

Private Lessons in whatever style or focus area you are looking at is available.  Combatives Self-Defense, Russian Martial Arts (Systema +), MMA, Kickboxing, No Gi Grappling, Karate Go Jiu-jitsu!  

 You should contact me to discuss your needs.

Seminars or Corporate Events!

If you are interested in me doing a seminar at your martial arts school, and/or wanting to work towards Certification in one of the styles I offer please contact me.  

I also offer Corporate Self-defense Seminars!

For Serious Inquires Only!