Getting my BJJ Black Belt

20 years 8 months after starting BJJ but still got there!

My WMMA Fighter Interviews over the years!

WMMA UFC STARS Ronda, Cat, Tate, Felice, Esparza, Eye, Kish, Rena, King Reina, Osman, Auclair, Long

Learn Punching Combinations!

Learn Basics of different punches and punching combinations!

You will learn tons of effective combinations!

21 Different Kickboxing or MMA Combinations on the Thai Bag!

Aikido Wristlocks in LIVE Grappling vs Pro Fighters!

With proper timing, setups, & years I sort of blew up the Internet that some Aikido Techniques can work!

Higher Level TMA/RMA/Takemusu Aiki

Not everyone will understand this, but demonstrating higher level Martial Arts concepts. 

Catch-Jitsu 2nd Submission Grappling Highlight!

Lot's of interesting submissions rolling with a lot of fighters all over the world.  2nd of many highlight vids

3rd Catch-Jitsu Submission Grappling Highlight

3rd of many highlight vids.  Open the Encyclopedia of Submission Holds & Learn them all!

MMA Sparring at AKA Thailand

Sparring at AKA Thailand, I also spent 2 days sparring at AKA HQ in San Jose before!

Sparring from around the world!

Additional Sparring.  Learn from someone that has tested their techniques everywhere against everyone.

Doing Judo at Kodokan HQ in Tokyo