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LIFETIME of Dedication to Martial Arts!


  1. Why learn from someone that has done only one martial art recreationally, when you could learn from someone that dedicated their life to many martial arts moving to whichever MMA Fight Team or Grappling Instructors were best at that time?  
  2. Why learn only one martial art, when you could learn Multiple Styles at ONE LOW PRICE to be truly well rounded from someone with FOUR MEANINGFUL Black belts with over 30 years training?  
  3. You and your family can LEARN REAL TRULY EFFECTIVE martial arts in a SAFE, CLEAN, TRADITIONAL, YET FUN ENVIRONMENT!  
  4. Get in Shape, while actually learning something!  Have Fun, meet friends, while also learning Self-defense skills!

Coach Daniel's Credentials

  •  Known Worldwide/Youtube Catch Wrestling, Combatives/Russian Martial Arts, & MMA Expert 
  • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu BJJ under UFC Submission Wizard Dennis Hallman (Lineage Carlson Gracie>Murilo Bustamante/Luis Duarte>Fabiano Scherner>Dennis Hallman>)
  • Black Belt from famous grappling instructors Gokor Chivichyan/Judo Gene LeBell Hayastan Grappling System a hybrid of Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Sambo, & Catch Wrestling (Lineage Directly from Strangler Lewis, Lou Thesz, Karl Gotch, Vic Christy).  Hayastan MMA Produced UFC's Ronda Rousey, Karo Parisyan, Manny Gamburyan, & also Gegard Mousasi has a Hayastan Grappling System Black Belt! 
  • Black Belt in Japanese hybrid MMA/Kyokushin Karate System Daido Juko Kudo directly from founder Grandmaster Takashi Azuma  
  • 1st Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do ever awarded from D.S. Kim.  
  • Brown Belt in Aikido, Extensive Experience in Russian Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Judo, Shooto, Gracie, Caique, Machado, & 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu
  • Also experienced in JKD, Kali, Wing Chun, and other Traditional Martial Arts taking what is useful and actually being able to apply some techniques in alive settings
  • Be aware that many so called "MMA guys" have barely trained with anyone good nor fought Pro more than once or twice if at all and hold no legitimate ranks in martial arts therefore they teach techniques vastly wrong.  Unfortunately it is becoming that many "BJJ guys" only know sporting techniques without true Self-defense or MMA applications therefore getting the watering down of the style just like Karate/TKD did in America
  • Trained extensively with UFC Fighters/Teams Dan Severn, "Tank" Abbott, Team Punishment/Tito Ortiz/Rampage, MFS/Matt Hughes/Tim Sylvia/Robbie Lawler, Blackhouse/Lyoto Machida, & at all the top gyms in Japan, Thailand, & Korea  (Mach Sakurai, TK's Alliance, Takada Dojo w Sakuraba, Grabaka, Wajitsu KK, PTT, AKA, Tiger MT, KZ, & KTT)!  Trained with top Jiu-jitsu instructors Marcello Grosso a BTT BB, Saulo Ribeiro, Eddie Bravo, Romulo Barral/Crane, Fabiano Scherner/Chael Sonnen/Ed Herman/Mike Pierce.  Has coached w/ the blessings from Severn, Ribeiro, Bravo, Scherner/Hallman, Gokor/LeBell, and Shooto Champ/UFC/Rizin vet Hayato "Mach" Sakurai
  • 3-3 in MMA with 3 first round Submissions & losses to Top Fighters w196-101-11 Record!
  • Competed in two Daido Juku Kudo World Championships in Japan
  • Pancrase Veteran fought Champ Yuki Kondo, Pancrase Color Commentator UFC FP
  • Worked as MMA Media Interviewing all the top UFC, Bellator, Rizin, One Fighters
  • Had 3 Shoot Style Professional Wrestling Matches in Japan vs AJPW Champion
  • Professional Security/Bouncer for many years so real world experience
  • Survived a 2 on 1 stick ambush as well as a 10 on 1 attack when going to MMA Author Clyde Gentry's rescue after an early MMA event
  • Worked as an Actor/Stuntman/Motion Capture Performer on the movies Real Steel, Couples Retreat, Limitless, & on popular TV shows CSI: NY, NCIS, Sons of Anarchy, Chuck, WWE Tough Enough, Millionaire Matchmaker, Hole in the Wall, Metal Gear,        
  • & even once stunt doubled Sylvester Stallone!

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